It gets cold in Okotoks. We don’t need to tell you that. Though, despite this fact, some homeowners still load up on the blankets and sweatshirts as they stress themselves out dealing with a failing heater. Heat is not a luxury here, it’s a necessity and it’s about time you worked with a team that had a heat guarantee.

What’s a “heat guarantee?” Well, we’re glad you asked! When you call our team, we promise to give you and your family heat no matter what. If we can’t fix your furnace or get your heat back on before our service is finished for the day, then we’ll go above and beyond to make sure you feel safe and warm going forward. We’ll even put you in a hotel at no cost to you!

This is one of many reasons why our team is the one to call for heating repair in Okotoks, AB!

Why Our Heat Guarantee Is a Thing

In climates like ours, we need to show our customers that we mean business. This means walking the walk, in addition to talking the talk. If your home is without heat, or your heater is starting to buckle under the pressure of an Alberta winter, then you need a team that understands how serious of an issue this is.

Temperatures can drop below zero quite frequently. The colder it gets, the more serious a faulty heater becomes, and the more you need heat. That’s why our team weighs what your home needs as a top priority. While we fix your heater, it’s important that we give you proper heating so you can remain safe and comfortable.

Basically, take our heat guarantee as a promise to you. We guarantee that by the end of a day of hard work, you’ll feel comfortable heat no matter what state your furnace is in.

What You’re Missing Out On

It can be downright scary to have an amateur technician provide repairs on your heating system, only for them to give up after a few hours and leave you in the cold and dark. Sometimes it can be quite complicated to fix a furnace, which is why it’s vital that you work with a team that will never give up on you.

In addition to our heat guarantee, you’re missing out on 24/7 emergency service by a responsive team, as well as a world-class maintenance plan that’s devoted to your system’s longevity and efficiency. Our heat guarantee is just the icing on the cake when it comes to comprehensive heating services.

Here’s to a Positive Change in 2021

We can feel that 2021 is going to be a positive year of constant improvements and returning back to normal. Your heating system deserves the attention to detail that a professional team like ours would pay towards it. Not only that, but your family deserves to feel warm, comfortable, and protected when your heater encounters a problem this winter.

By working with our team, you get access to the best technicians in the area and a heat guarantee that shows how much we care.

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