About Shift Air

Beginning with nothing but the tools in his garage, Brent McQuade founded Shift Air in 2009. With perseverance, a knack for the trade, and a commitment to excellent customer service, his company moved out of the garage and expanded into two locations – one in Invermere, British Columbia and one in Calgary, Alberta. Today, with a staff of seven talented individuals, Shift Air has grown into one of the highest-rated HVAC companies in Invermere and throughout the East Kootnays.

Shift Air Tests, Doesn’t Guess!

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We Don’t Guess, We Test

Shift Air takes comfort to a whole new level. Beyond our reasonable prices and personable staff, our motto, “Shift Air Tests, Doesn’t Guess,” demonstrates our commitment to finding proven solutions tested over years of data-driven studies.

We love new technology, but also know your new system needs to work to your standards. That’s why we’ll never upsell just to make a buck – that’s not what our brand is about. Simply put, we provide heating, cooling, plumbing, and commercial work you can depend on. We train on the newest and most advanced technologies on the market, but know reliability and affordability matter, too.

Our Shift Air Heat Guarantee

We strive to go above and beyond in providing the comfort you deserve. If we can’t fix your furnace and get your heat back on before the service call is over, we’ll put you and your family in a hotel for the night. We’ll also supply electric heaters for your home.

That’s our heat guarantee.

Shift Air provides the Columbia Valley community with quality, affordable HVAC solutions built on craftsmanship and trustworthy customer service.
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