What makes furnaces so common? Is it their price tag? Their ever-increasing AFUE ratings that go up each year? Is it the fact that natural gas is one of the most clean-burning and efficient materials on the planet? Well, why not all of those reasons?

People love their furnaces, and for good reason too. That last a long time, produce heat efficiently, and they don’t break the bank doing so. If you came here to hear us talk poorly about the classic home furnace system, then you’re going to be disappointed. While we love helping homeowners get set up with alternative heating systems, like heat pumps, we can’t pass up the opportunity to fit a him with a perfect furnace system if it’s right for it.

A gas furnace in Chestermere, AB could be perfect for your home. All you need to do is keep reading and call us when it becomes clear that you want a furnace.

What’s So Powerful About a Furnace?

Furnaces provide powerful heat to a home regardless of the temperature outside. When heat pumps are struggling to draw the last few bits of heat out of the air and when temperatures plummet, a furnace has no problem keeping your home warm and comfortable. That’s because a furnace creates heat by burning gas.

While it might not be as efficient when temperatures are mild, temperatures can get incredibly frigid during the middle of the winter, and you need a system that can handle them. Regardless of how cold it gets outside, a furnace will always be well-equipped to keep you happy.

“Aren’t They Dangerous?”

Absolutely not! Furnaces are designed with their number one priority being safety. When the natural gas is burned inside your furnace, it does so within a combustion chamber. By burning gas in one chamber, and using a heat exchange chamber to allow the heat to mix with fresh air, you essentially get the heat of a burning fire without any of the gases and toxins that normally come from that.

Once the heat is created through combustion, the residual gas and exhaust is vented out of your home. The heated fresh air is then circulated through your air ducts into the rooms of your home so you can feel the cozy warmth you pay for. Even though safety issues can arise in a neglected furnace, furnaces are not inherently unsafe.

“Aren’t They Expensive?”

A new efficient furnace is definitely quite the investment, but it’s nowhere near the amount of money that a heat pump might cost. Furnaces are in fact one of the most affordable methods of heating a home. For a cheaper initial cost, they still last over a decade when maintained properly—which means they’re the most affordable option for many families in the country.

We are never going to push homeowners away from investing in a heat pump if that’s what they want. We only want to be truthful. Sometimes, a furnace is going to provide you comfortable indoor temperatures at a reasonable price, and if that’s all you want, then don’t hesitate to invest in one today.

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