DIY solutions sound like a really great idea. No seriously, we love all of the ideas that we find online about decorating homes, quickly fixing technology, and setting up nifty ways to store things in tight spaces. It turns out learning how to build a table, or make bread dough from an online tutorial is a really great idea!

Do you know what’s not a great idea? Trying to repair your furnace based on some advice you found online. We wouldn’t even consider this under the same umbrella as “DIY,” since this is something that should only be considered by experts on furnace repair in Okotoks, AB.

Don’t believe us? Or perhaps you’ve found the perfect guide on furnace repairs that you can follow yourself? Let us break down exactly what can happen if you decide to take this risk for yourself.

A Voided Warranty

The warranty is such an important part of your heating system. It’s what saves you the most money going forward, since manufacturer defects and some repairs are covered under it and you’re safe from other problems as long as a certified and licensed HVAC professional is the one to do the work.

The moment you put your hands inside your system and start trying to repair things yourself, you could be voiding your system’s warranty and causing yourself to lose money in the future. Just do yourself a favor and avoid this by calling the pros.

Expensive Repairs

DIY repairs could lead to more expensive repairs that need to be performed by a professional. This can be one of the hardest things to hear when you’re a homeowner that loves taking on projects yourself. The moment you start trying to fix a furnace or heat pump issue on your own, you could end up paying for it many times over when you eventually need the help of a pro.

When you call us first and foremost, we can address the problem quickly and make sure that no other expensive repairs end up being required.

Total Breakdown

No, we’re not talking about a sequel to the gem of the 1990’s, Total Recall, we’re talking about something a lot worse. A total breakdown is when your heater just completely stops working and you don’t really know why. This can be one of the worse effects of trying to repair a heater on your own.

When you don’t know the ins and outs of the system you’re trying to repair, and you’re just following a simple guide you found online, you risk touching something, breaking something, or having trouble that ends up causing your system to completely break down. Avoid this from happening entirely by calling us for help from the get-go.

Frustration and Stress

It really sucks to try and fix something as complicated as a heater on your own. We might get glimpses of wonderful DIY tutorials online, but those are rarely what happens in reality. 99% of the time, homeowners get frustrated, upset, sad, and stressed out when trying to repair a furnace or system on their own. Just call us, we can help by removing the danger and stress out of the equation.

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